Incorporated in June of 1984, Micro Phase Communications quickly become a respected supplier of high-quality SCPC satellite equipment. Micro Phase Communications originally designed and manufactured products including automatic audio analyzers, SCPC modulators, SCPC FM satellite receivers, sub-carrier FM modulators, and ATIS modulators. The SCPC FM satellite receivers have long been in continuous service in hundreds of individual radio-broadcasting stations across the USA and have also been used in conjunction with our SCPC modulators located in numerous uplink facilities. The SCPC FM satellite receivers incorporated a fixed frequency C-band down-converter that was also sold in a stand-alone configuration for use in private and public radio stations.

Customized products include sub-carrier FM modulators, SCPC modulators, and FM satellite receivers modified to meet the technical requirements of customers including FEMA and AT&T Alascom and others.

All Micro Phase Communications products are ruggedly constructed. Our rack-mounted units use a front panel machined from solid bar stock, and their extruded side members are incorporated into the chassis for durability in harsh SNG and transportable environments.

Micro Phase Communications prides itself on the quality and reliability of its products, its responsiveness to its customers’ unique challenges, and its after-sales support. The number of field returns for repair is extraordinarily low, based on history data on all our products which have been in operation over the years.

Micro Phase Communications now manufactures a family of high-performance satellite frequency up- and down-converters. Many features and functions of this new generation of converter were incorporated in response to marketing input from current and potential customers. We have also worked with customers to customize our converters to meet specific needs in their applications. The new MP-9X00 Series up- and down-converters use a modular design approach for ease of field maintainability, and its machined housings are in keeping with our philosophy of rugged construction.

The assembly of the critical RF sections of our products is done by the leading component-assembly operation in Silicon Valley. All of the custom components are manufactured locally by companies who are well known and work with other quality manufacturers.