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July 2009 – The standard MP-9301 is now also shipping to commercial customers now as well as to Government Agencies and military sub-contractors. The extended tuning range of 950 – 2150MHz has proven to be a popular choice among users. In keeping with the features of the MP-9201, the MP-9301 also offers a dual IF of 70MHz and 140MHz, as well as an inverting/non-inverting feature, both of which can be selected from the front panel. An excellent frequency response is maintained across the RF band.

March 2005 - SAT's digital spectrum analyzer using MP-9301 down converter

June 2001 - MP-9201 & MP-9240 have dual 70 & 140 MHz IFs

September 2000 - MP-9200 Series Converters (pdf)

March 2005 - Micro Phase Communications is proud to announce that it is supplying SAT Corporation with its new model of L-Band down converter, the MP-9301. This new converter which covers 950 MHz to 2150 MHz is an ideal match to SAT’s new digital spectrum analyzer, the SAT-DSA. A specially tailored version of software is incorporated in the MP-9301 converter delivered to SAT Corporation to provide rapid changes in settings of the MP-9301 giving the SAT-DSA digital spectrum analyzer the ability to rapidly tune across the RF spectrum of a satellite.

SAT is a worldwide supplier of automated RF signal monitoring systems for satellite and terrestrial spectrum management applications. These systems are communication systems management tools for commercial network owner/operators and telecommunications service providers to guarantee and maintain the quality of service they provide to their customers. SAT systems are installed in more than 50 countries, systems are offered in a variety of standard configurations with modular optional extra capabilities available as add-ons.

The new MP-9301 L-Band down converter with the new SAT-DSA digital spectrum analyzer is being exhibited at Satellite 2005, which is being held in The Washington Convention Center, Washington DC from March 22nd to March 25th. We invite you to visit SAT Corporation at booth 535 for further information.

June 2001 - The MP-9201 and MP-9240 downconverters are now shipping with a dual IF of 70MHz and 140MHz which can be selected from the front panel. The excellent frequency response across the IF is maintained in these converters as is the frequency flatness across the RF band.  Also, the MP-9201 L-Band downconverter has an inverting/non-inverting feature which is front panel selectable.

The MP-9202 and MP-9260 Upconverters still offer a 70MHz IF as standard, while 140MHz is available as an option.

September 2000 - Micro Phase proudly announces the introduction of its MP-9200 Series of Satellite Converters.

These fully featured converters offer high performance at an economical price.  The converters are compact in size, are light weight and have a low power consumption.  Modular construction is utilized for reliability and ease of field maintainability.

An elegant and innovative design ensures optimum and reliable operation over the lifetime of the product.  Block conversion allows the basic L-Band unit to be readily configured to the final output frequency band.

User friendly operation is made possible by a backlit 80 character display and a fully featured keyboard on the front panel.  Help text on the display guides the user throughout the entire entry processes.

Key Features and Functions

Additional Features and Functions

As with all Micro Phase products, the MP-9200 series has been designed to include a comprehensive range of features and functions.  Some examples of these are as follows:

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